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Recruitment Services

We Offer Exclusive Services in recruitment process outsourcing, professional staffing, organized labor and headhunting if required; through our highly qualified and dedicated team of recruitment professional. Prospective candidate are thoroughly screened by our industry-specific experts, for evaluation of their skill-set, qualification, previous experience and cost-effectiveness; to ensure recruitment of professionals best suited to each of the vacancies.

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Our Sourcing Methodology

Outsourcing Payroll Processing

Payroll system of an organization is an area which superficially seems insignificant but plays a vital role in the overall working of an organization. Payroll is the process of managing the salary of the staff. Internal payroll management by an organization is bound to cause certain problems.

  • As the main objective of an organization is to work efficiently to produce an output, payroll management can shift the focus from the chief organizational activities.
  • Calculation of a payroll is not a simple assignment. An organization is a huge workplace wherein many employees are employed on differing payrolls. A special unit must be maintained, which is only engaged in calculating the payrolls of the staff. This is nearly impossible for an organization.

We, HR Capital, are efficient enough to organize the payroll of an organization effectively. As the payroll governing involves various complicated steps such as accounting, budgeting and tax calculations; we have a specialized a staff which is skilled in handling payroll processes for an organization. Our company undertakes detailed research about the organization and its payroll system, to calculate the payroll with pinpoint accuracy.

HR Services

Human resource management is the chief constituent of success for any organization. As organizations today seek to fine tune their success by utilizing their man power effectively, managing human resource services becomes even more imperative. This is evident from the fact that, a weak HR department can never form the basis of a strong business unit. For a company to work successfully, it must possess a strong human resource department. We at HR Capital understand the importance of HR department for a company’s success. The Human resource services provided by HR Capital.

Training & Development
Leadership Excellence
First Time Managers

The first set of programs equip Fresh Managers (or potential managers) who have just moved from the role an individual performer to a team leader.

Mid Level Managers

The second set of programs help improve effectiveness of existing managers who may or may not have gone through structured training in the past. These would be managers who have probably honed their management skills either by trial and error or by observing other managers.

The fundamental aim of any Training and Development process is to improve the competence and potential of the staff of an organization, to an extent that they give optimum returns. The essential elements for an organization to take up these programs are

  • To impart guidance and training to the staff of an organization, in order to perk up their abilities.
  • New recruits in a company often need assistance to understand the functioning of the organization. This is achieved by providing technically focused training to these employees.
  • Development is a futuristic approach wherein, a deliberate effort is made to polish the talent of the staff by an organization.
  • Training and development programs increase the efficiency of an employee, thus helping the overall working of the organization. An individual is better equipped to work with these training and development programs.

A step up to the next technical level can be achieved using the methods of training and development

Staffing Solutions

The working staff of an organization is the key to its success. HR Capital comprehends the ability of a potent workforce in an organizations success. The steps undertaken by us in effectively solving these staffing problems facing an organization are

  • Widespread analyzing of the organization of a client is done. This is important as it enables us     to make the staffing process even more effective. The background of the organization and its functioning is understood properly.
  • Recruitment for the posts, as requested by the client is done. We undertake flexible recruitment according to the client’s needs. Contractual as well as Permanent recruitment options are kept at our client’s disposal by us.
  • Negotiation of the salary and resolving of issues between the client and the candidates is also done by us, to assist both the parties in working effectively.
  • We take on recruitments in various major sectors.

A client’s needs may vary depending on the situation. We resolve the staffing problems faced by our clients in the least possible time, while providing quality recruitments at the same time.

Placement services

HR Capital is known for providing quality placement opportunities for its aspirants, with a rewarding salary and an excellent organization. For those seeking placement by getting associated with us, they have to follow these steps

  • As per our client’s demands and requirements, we put up the job credentials and requirements. Interested candidates have to fill in the required details and forms as asked by our company.
  • Interested candidates can then apply for the job by sending their resume and CV.
  • Out of these, a few candidates will be shortlisted. These shortlisted contestants will get a call from our organization for their selection further.
  • A series of stringent selection procedures are implemented by our recruitment team. A candidate may have to answer aptitude tests, take part in group discussions and then personal interviews depending on the conditions set by our experts.
  • Selected candidates will get called on for further selection procedures or will be informed about their placement.
  • For our aspirants, we are networked with clients from multiple different sectors. This assists us in recruiting personnel for different fields and professions.
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